Classes (unless otherwise indicated) plus all Milongas and Practices except for the Saturday and Sunday night gala-milongas will be held at Studio Tango Montreal at 7755 St-Laurent, 2nd floor.  The Saturday and Sunday night gala-milongas are held at the Salle Polyvalente of UQAM at 200 Sherbrooke West.

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Fees  are in Canadian Dollars. Early Bird prices in effect until May 1st.


All individual milonga tickets may be bought on line or at the door. 
Passes and combos must be bought in advance.
Milonga Pass
includes all milongas (except for the Wednesday & Monday night milongas). Pass includes free acces to the Sunday afternoon lecture.
Early Bird (until May 1st) : 125$ / after May 1st : 135$

Individual Milongas
Wednesday Welcome Milonga:  10$ 
Thursday Official Opener Milonga:  15$
Friday afternoon practi-longa:  12$

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Gala-Milongas: 37$ each
Any 2 Gala Milongas (when bought in advance): 68$
All 3 Gala Milongas (when bought in advance):  99$

Sunday afternoon lecture (12:20 pm): 12$
Monday afternoon ''official closing'' milonga: 15$

Monday evening ''post-fest party'' milonga: 10$


1 or 2 classes:  42$ per class

3-5 classes:
UNTIL May 1st: 37$ per class / AFTER May 1st: 39$ per class
6 classes or more: 
UNTIL May 1st: 34$ per class  / AFTER May 1st:  36$ per class


1-2 classes:
UNTIL May 1st:  40$ per class/person / AFTER May 1st: 42$ per class/person

3-5 classes:
UNTIL May 1st:  35$ per class/person / AFTER May 1st: 37$ per class/person

6 classes or more:
UNTIL May 1st:  30$ per class/person / AFTER May 1st: 34$ per class/person


Please note that a 2.5% fee will be added on to your bill. This nominal amount helps pay in part for the paypal processing fees that we are charged.
Canadians who wish to avoid paypal fees are invited to send us an interac transfer directly to

Full time students and Tango professionals are eligible for a 10% discount off class fees. Contact us at for more info.

when registering for CLASSES through our automatic system:

If you check the ''I have a partner'' box when registering, you will be able to benefit from significant savings however please note, that the total price for both people will appear each time you select a class.  Example: 80$ instead of 40$.  When you check out, you will be billed for both people. Unfortunately our automatic system does not allow for separate payments while benefiting from the couple discount price. If you have any questions or would like to request to bypass the system and be billed separately, then please send us an email at for more info. If you are unable to make full payment immediately, your spot will be saved for 5 days until you can make arrangements. Please notify us if you need more time. 


There will be a limited number of participants per class.  That number will be limited to an equal number of leaders and followers. Both couples and singles will be accepted, however singles will be put on waiting lists and admitted in to classes only when we can confirm an equal number of partners.  Please note, that as much as we will try to be strict and enforce levels, we can not be responsible for the level of proficiency of each participant of every class.  The only way to be certain about the level of the partner with whom you end up doing a particular class, is to register with someone whom you know.   We always encourage partner changes in class, however we will not oblige those who register with their  partner to change, should they not wish to do so.  
* No partner ?  Send us an email describing your tango experience (number of years, teachers, etc) and we will do our best to get you into the classes of your choice.

Please note that we post the minimum level necessary. Advanced dancers can certainly benefit from every class no matter what the posted level.  Please note that those who practice often might actually be more advanced and able to take higher level classes, while those who practice less often might not be admitted into certain classes. If you are not sure of how your level corresponds to that of the level posted, then drop us an email describing your tango experience, we’ll be more than happy to advise you.

We encourage even the most advanced dancers to take at least one lower level class with each teacher so as to better understand their techniques and methods so as to really be able to get the most out of the more advanced classes

These classes are ultra relevant for dancers of all levels from intermediate to advanced plus. Lower levels students and very advanced dancers are advised to come with a partner of their own level, this will really help-everyone get the very best out of each class.

Intermediate: This corresponds to have completed Tango 4/5 at Studio Tango Montreal or roughly a minimum of 1 year's experience comprised of regular weekly tango classes.  Intermediates should be familiar with the crossed and parallel systems, ochos,  a few boleos, a couple of half turns, paradas and other basic elements, etc.

Intermediate/Advanced:  This corresponds to have completed Tango 7 or 8 at Studio Tango Montreal and perhaps a mini-session or two, or roughly a minimum of 2 year's experience including regular weekly tango classes and practices and milongas. You have also attended milonga and or waltz classes as well or a few specialized classes and/ or a few workshops with guest teachers.

Advanced : An advanced dancer's experience can vary greatly from one person to the next. Content in the advanced classes is intended for dancers with multiple years of class and workshop experience, who practice and go out dancing often, who are comfortable in both close and open embrace, who can execute complex figures and have a good understanding of the technique associated with them.  We prefer that participants of advanced classes register with their partner for these classes as working with a dependable partner will greatly enhance the experience. Singles can register, but must contact us first as our registration system will not accept singles automatically. Contact us at 

Advanced Plus:  For more advanced dancers.

No partner ?  Send us an email to and we will do our best to get you into the classes of your choice.

Bailongo Montreal is produced by Projet Tango - a non-profit organisation located in Montreal.