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Come and celebrate New Year's in Montreal
this December 28th - January 2nd.

Tango Social Club / Studio Tango Montreal
invite you to ''la Fête 2019 '' for some tango fun, parties, friends and a bit of bubbly as well!

7 Super Milongas in our adjoining rooms featuring a few of  our favourite Guest & Local Dj's including Milton ''El Gallo'' Azevedo, Berenice Gonsen, Francis ''Pancho'' Cloutier, Pame Bravo, Carol Horowitz, Rahul Padmanabhan, Xavier Vanier & more.

This is our fourth ''la fête''. 
As last year (and the year before and the year before that), we'll be offering a collection of affordable afternoon and evening milongas held in our beautiful adjoining rooms
-  including a spectacular all-nighter for New Year's Eve. Come to everything, or pick and choose on a pay per milonga basis.

Mark off your calendars because the best tango party of the year will go from Friday, December 28th through to Wednesday, Jan. 2nd!


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We will have an alcohol permit for all of our LaFete activities ! A large selection of wine, beer, spirits & non alcoholic drinks will be available at the bar at each milonga until 3am. Please note that it is illegal to consume any alcohol not bought on the premises.  

Note that each milonga is sold individually and that all milonga tickets pay be purchased at the door.

Some milongas (New Year’s eve for example) will also be sold in advance at a reduced rate.
Some Milonga combos may also be able to be bought in advance.
More info will be coming soon.



The Tango Social Club - Studio Tango Montréal location

7755 St-Laurent Boulevard, #200-A&B Montréal QC, H2R 1X1. 514 844 2786
Métros de Castelnau or Jarry or 55 bus

Most of the La Fête Milongas will be held here! 

Studio Tango Montréal and Tango Social Club share space at 7755 boul. St-Laurent in the up and coming Villeray * district.  The space includes two large studios, each with a very distinctive style plus a smaller studio which is used mainly for private classes and small rehearsals.  What's truly wonderful, is that it's even possible to open up a passageway between the two larger spaces so that both studios can be used simultaneously during a milonga, upping the capacity to well over 300.

* Villeray : Village feel, family-oriented, full of artists' and craftmen's studios and hipster cafes.  
Landmarks include the beautiful Jarry Park (just across the street from our venue) and the wonderful Jean-Talon market

A bit more info about the local tango scene

Montreal has quite a few schools that teach exclusively argentine tango.  All the milongas you will go to during New Year's are held in local tango studios which transform their spaces into milongas one night (or more) each week.

Montrealers like to go out, (in fact it is literally possible to dance tango every single night of the year in Montreal).  “Atmosphere” is omni important here.  All our milongas  (big and small) have a “club feel” (nice lighting, candles, tables & chairs, bars *), great dance floors,  DJ’s who know their tango music and excellent sound systems. 
* N.B:  Every milonga in Montreal has a bar at which you can buy drinks (some sell alcohol) and at which you should tip the bar person (15% +).   It is not cool to bring your own beverages and it is illegal to bring in your own alcoholic drinks. Last call for alcohol is at 3 am, but many milongas that stay open later will continue to sell non-alcoholic beverages until closing.  Generally no food is sold, nor are any snacks provided unless otherwise mentioned.
**  We have a liquor permit for the LaFete activities: Beer, wine, mousseux, & spirits as well as various non-alcoholic drinks will be for sale at the bar. A glass of mousseux will be offered to everyone at midnight.

In Montreal anything goes fashion wise, but it should be noted that in general Montrealers tend to dress up a bit more than in some other cities and of course, New Year's Eve brings out the party dresses, so be prepared for a bit of sparkle!

The cabaceo is not used by everyone here.  Many just go over and invite.  In Montreal it is not unheard of for women to invite men, although perhaps not done frequently between complete strangers.  Hint for people coming alone:  Try and hang out near the bar or by the water cooler. In most milongas it is the best area of the room for mingling.

The milongas are less crowded towards the beginning and ends of each evening.  Arriving early when there are less people can often help facilitate mixing and meeting new people. 

The  DJ’s will play music divided into tandas.  Most in sets of 3 waltz’ , 4 tangos, 4 tangos, 3 milongas though some vary slightly the formula. At some places a set or two of salsas or swing might be played during the evening. 
As far as the music goes, Montreal is a pretty traditional tango community and the music played is generally from the late 30’s to early 50’s, though some of the dj's might pop a bit of alternative into their playlists.

Tango Styles
Montreal’s tango roots are firmly established in the “salon style”.  Most of the local teachers (the majority who have been teaching  for over 10 years) were strongly influenced by the maestros who gave workshops here in the 90’s: Pepito, Esteban Moreno, Pablo Veron for example.  And our local teachers have for the most part, passed on variations of this style to their students.  Meaning there aren’t really divided camps of close and open frame dancers here. Most of us tend to dance in a closer type frame, (especially when the room is crowded) and move fluidly between close and open during any given dance. Also, there isn’t really a division here as far as traditional and new dance styles go, but common sense is expected on a crowded dance floor.