One of the most underrated couples around, Pablo and Corina are truly unique, combining their acquired knowledge of many years of experience in teaching around the world. Absolutely unique, which is in tango a feat in itself, they bring their levitating fluency and softness to the dance-floor that none can match. Highly regarded very accomplished teachers and performers, they are invited to most of the major festivals in Europe and the United States.

Corina Herrera began tango dancing at a very young age, studying under the influence of some of the more well known older milongueros, such as  Pupi Castiello, Tete Rusconi, Omar Vega among others. She begain to teach at the age of 14, assisting Julio Balmaceda and Omar Vega during class. Since then she has taught and performed extensively in Buenos Aires as well all over the world with dancers as Horacio Godoy, Federico Naveira, Ezequiel Farfaro, Pablo Rodriguez, Octavio Fernandez, Rodrigo Palacios amongst others. A beautiful, graceful dancer, Corina is acclaimed for her proficiency in both the follower and leader's roles. Currently Corina teaches on a regular basis at La Viruta with Horacio Godoy and at the Milonga La Discepolo with Pablo Rodriguez.

Pablo Rodriguez 
With a dynamic energy and lovely musicality, and with a unique style of movement that blends the essence of the traditional tango with a more contemporary flair, Pablo Rodriguez is much admired by all.  Pablo's tango career began over 10 years ago, and together with Noelia Hurtado formed one of the most recognizable tango couples of the past decade.  Incredibly popular, they performed and taught repeatedly at many of the most prestigious tango festivals in Europe, North America and Asia.

Pablo is an experienced teacher and is much appreciated by his students for the individual attention and thoughtful corrections that he gives.  He teaches on a regular basis in Buenos Aires and has toured often to Europe with various different partners.  Pablo is one of the organiser's of the San Telmo Tango Festival and of the ''La Discepolo'' milonga in Buenos Aires.

Pablo was a member of the Bailongo teaching team in 2014.  We are very happy to welcome him back this year!

Pablo y Corina bailando en la Milonga del Moran "INFAMIA" de Juan D'arienzo con Hector Maure, Buenos Aires El Moran sabado 13 diciembre 2014.
Pablo Rodriguez & Corina Herrera Portland Tango Festival 2015 Video by Steve Francis



Maria & Gianpiero create moments of deep and shared emotion with the public, providing inspiration and reaching each person in a very personal way.  Their holistic approach to tango focuses on developing presence and global body-awareness, putting technical precision at the service of creativity, expression and musicality. They have taught and performed extensively in Europe and were newly introduced to American audiences last year.   Their Montreal premiere is highly anticipated and we are thrilled to welcome them to this year's Bailongo.

Maria Filali’s career path is grounded in her desire to build bridges between cultures and the many forms of expression that inspire her. As a child she constantly moved from one country to another, before settling in France at 18, graduating from the Bordeaux National Conservatory with honors, earning a Gold medal in 1995, and a Medal of honor in 1996. In the same year she also passed her Master in “Communication and Performing Arts” at University of Bordeaux III.  In 1997, she discovered Argentine tango, soon to become her favorite means of expression, as she considered it an international language, transcending cultures and disciplines. Maria never misses a chance to combine and confront tango with performing arts, film, and opera. She also keeps investigating different body techniques, enabling her to fine-tune her interpretation of the tango and teaching methods : contemporary dance, acting technique, yoga, gyrotonic…

Over the years, she also continued to enrich her dancing and teaching skills via each of her numerous collaborations with very different tango dancers, notably : John Zabala, Daniel Carlsson, Jorge Rodriguez, Aoniken Quiroga, Eric Lindgren, Oriel Toledo, Fausto Carpino.  

Gianpiero was only 12  years old when his father (an engineer, martial art teacher and tango lover) first enrolled him in a free tango project for youngsters. He fell in love with tango during his first trip to Buenos Aires when he only 15, and became a teacher the following year!  Gianpiero began performing in Italy and abroad at  the age of 18, realizing that he wanted to dedicate his life to tango.

Gianpiero studied with many of the most important Maestros of our generation and has had the opportunity to travel and perform with many great dancers such as Mila Vigdorova, Corina Herrera, Cesira Miceli, Nadia Hronidu amongst others.

Gianpiero's dancing and teaching styles are finely connected to his studies of music, engineering and bio-mechanics.  Using the latter as "a simple and efficient technique, based on natural laws of movement and gravity along with the awareness of listening, as the key to the truly ''real and intimate spirit of tango".


Una vez ( Fulvio Salamanca-Luis Roja) Esibizione del 16-4-2016

Maria Filali and Gianpiero Galdi dance "Yo te bendigo" by Osvaldo Pugliese, sung by Roberto Chanel, at the 5th Tango Cazino Festival in Cluj-Napoca, Romania 2016.