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Don't miss his first performance in North America in over 13 years!

'Definitely one of the best tango dancers, Ever.''
''Elegant, graceful, powerful and an unparalleled creative force . . .
To see him move will change the way you see tango.'' 

Pablo Veron, the dancer's dancer, the star of the movie The Tango Lesson and of the show Tango Argentino, as well as of countless other productions . . . the inspiration for many of us and the very reason why many of our teachers began dancing in the first place, is thrilled to be back teaching in Montreal and this time to be performing with one of his favourite dancers. Quite an event it will be - as will be his first performance in North America in over 13 years! 

Veron is the creator of a unique style that has won him the respect of tango dancers worldwide. Heir to the tradition of the great Argentine masters and an innovator of unparalleled creative force, Pablo’s dancing is a true link between the old and new generations. Graceful and precise with an incredibly fluid yet dynamic style, he is recognized for being pivotal in regards to the re-birth of the popularity of this dance and is considered by many of his peers to be one of the greatest talents in the history of the tango.  

''An incomparable source of knowledge and experience, class with Veron is a rare opportunity not to be missed.''   
Proud to share his expertise, Pablo travels constantly, teaching tango worldwide. He adores Montreal and has taught numerous workshops at Studio Tango Montréal since our opening in 1997.  We are honoured to welcome him once again May!

Pablo's new partner, the lovely Cecilia Capello has been tango dancing since she was a young child and has more than 20 years of professional experience. We are super proud to bring her to Bailongo 2018. Versatile and playful, her tango pairs contemporary styling whilst retaining the foundations of the legendary "milongueros" from whom she learned the art & essence of the Argentine tango.

A student of the legendary Maestra Olga Beseo Cecilia is a strong, beautifully talented dancer.  In 2002 she met Diego Amorin with whom she was a finalist of both the 1st and 2nd World Tango Championiships in the Scenario category. Together they taught and performed locally in Buenos Aires as well as throughout Europe and Asia at various renowned festivals.  In 2011 she appeared with Pablo Verón in the special function of "Tango Argentino" in the Obelisco, under the direction of Claudio Segovia (see video below)
In 2015, Cecilia was co-director, associate producer and interpreter of the project  ''La Evasion Tango Project'' along with Fernando Sánchez, Ariadna Naveira, Martin Maldonado, Maurizio Ghella, and Diego Amorin.  

Although one of the most legendary dancers, there are very very few videos of Pablo Veron online.  Here is a sampling of a few from over the years.

Pablo and Cecilia perform Orillera during a tribute performance to ''Tango Argentino'' in 2011.

Pablo Veron with Geraldine Rojas - Una Emocion from the movie ''Assassination Tango''

Pablo Veron in a Trio with Alejandra Gutty and Pancho Martinez Pey from "Our Last Tango" by German Kral and Win Wenders 

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First visit to Canada!

We are very excited to announce that Bailongo 2018 will feature Aoniken Quiroga, one of the absolutely most phenomenal dancers alive today, along with his new partner the elegantly subtle Noelia Barsi. Dynamic, powerful, and playfully present - these two began dancing when they were children and have a combined experience and talent that is absolutely awesome. We are absolutely thrilled to welcome them to Canada for their first time.  Both with long extensive careers, they began working together in the summer of 2017.

Aoniken Quiroga began dancing tango in 1994. Always searching to develop within the «tango salon» style, he studied with the most sought after teachers such as Carlos Gavito, «El Pibe Avellaneda», Horacio Godoy, Martin Ojeda and Joana Copes, Gabriel Misse, Fabian Peralta, Carlos and Rosa Perez, and Carlos Copello. In 2006 he won the second place in the «tango salon» category of the annual Tango World Championship. Since 2009 he's been traveling and teaching around the globe participating in some of the most prestigious festivals worldwide.  Well known for his unique teaching skills, his very warm friendly spirit & super dynamic personality,  Aoniken opened his own tango school in Naples, Italy in 2011. His classes are highly appreciate, not only for the skill of which he transmits the technical knowledge of tango movement, but also for the sensitivity and attention to the ’emotional aspect of this dance’.

Noelia Barsi began dancing when she was a small child - over 25 years ago. She has taught and performed at the most distinguished Festivals in Argentina and around the world. Known for her very subtle, delicate style, she is much admired for her capacity to adapt seamlessly to her different partner's styles. (Javier Rodriguez and Sebastian Arce amongst others).  Noelia  has developed a pedagogy that is clear and precise in its explanations and has been invited to teach world-wide . She is the creator and co-organizer of Tango DeLuxe (along with Maria Ines Bogado, Josefina Bermudez Avila and Roxana Suarez) as well as the seminar "La mujer en el Tango, técnica femenina para tango salon.  Noelia was the Director of Tango Salon department in Arcetango academia in Moscow city in 2016.

Aoniken Quiroga y Noelia Barsi al Catania Tango Meeting 2017 Pocas Palabras di Ricardo Tanturi con Castillo! 

Milonga ! No Hay Tierra Como La Mia Francisco Canaro

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For our 5th anniversary,  we are thrilled and super proud to present Pablo Pugliese and Noel Strazza.
Sparkly, creative, dynamic performers, they are superb teachers well known and highly appreciated for their incredibly clear and insightfuly well-structured classes.
These master teachers originally from Argentina teach regularly in Montreal where they now reside and are often invited to teach in other communities in Europe and North America. 

Pablo began his tango studies at the age of nine with his parents Esther and Mingo, two of the most important central figures/maestros in the contemporary history of Argentine tango. They were responsible for having taught and influenced an entire generation of social dancers, as well as some of the most prestigious tango professionals in the world today. Pablo began performing professionally in Argentina at age ten and, by age fifteen, had gone on to perform and teach master classes in cities across the United States, Europe and Japan. Recipient of a scholarship at the Alvin Ailey School in NYC where he studied for three years he studied contemporary dance choreography at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD).

A classically trained dancer, Noel studied at the  San Martin Theatre, whose Ballet Juvenil she subsequently joined from 1995 to 1997. She continued to work as a contemporary dancer and choreographer until starting to dance tango in 1997.  For 5 years, she was partners with Pablo Veron (see above) with whom she taught and performed in numerous countries in Europe, Australia, Asia and North America as well as at the 2005 Gala des Étoiles at Montreal’s Place des Arts.  She began working with Pablo Pugliese in 2003.

Pablo and Noel have a youthful, very dynamic style and combine tradition and innovation seamlessly.  Talented contemporary dancers/choreographers as well, they have created and performed various multi-media projects with their dance company ''Extemporedanse''

Pablo and Noel are resident teachers at Studio Tango Montréal, where they teach classes all year long.  They also travel often to teach and perform in both the U.S and in Europe.

Improvised performance by Pablo  and Noel at the Ostertango Festival in April 2009

Pablo et Noel le 24 janvier 2015 (in Montreal at our Studios) Orq. Osvaldo Pugliese 

Performance at Cheesman Park, Denver, May 2013